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Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

Our core activity. We are fully geared up to optimize your current logistics in time and money.

Our special VIP-services includes:

  • understanding your logistics needs

  • building tailormade solutions

  • lower costs

  • better and faster service for your customers

From our Schiphol facilities we offer inbound and outbound logistics, value added services and return logistics; with over 5,500 m2 of storage and handling space, loading docks and room for 5000 pallets Viptrex provides a complete logistical process.

The complete complex complies with the highest safety standards and provides the possibility to store customs goods.

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With the logistical division of Viptrex, you can rely on the best logistical processing of your goods supported by state of the art technologies. Storage, order picking, value added services, return logistics and connecting transport; just the way you want it!

Inbound logistics

When your shipment arrives we unload the goods, we carefully check the quantities and condition of the goods and, if required, we store these in our secured warehouse if required.

Value Added Services

Viptrex provides all possible Value Added Services; packaging labelling or monitoring of accessories or parts for technical articles. ‘Hold & release’ services to secure trading transactions

Outbound logistics

For your outgoing goods we arrange the order picking, the (re)packing and dispatch of the shipment. We monitor all steps so you are always aware of the status of your shipment!

Return logistics

A growing division in logistics is return logistics. We receive the returned articles and within no time we ensure that these can be sold again!

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