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Air Freight

Some items promptly demand fast delivery and quick finishes. Air freight is then the best solution. At Viptrex you are at the right place.

A global network of agents plus the best storage and handling opportunities at Schiphol guarantees a fast, clear and especially reliable service in this area.
Pick up, packing and repacking, customs clearance, documentation, we will arrange it all for you. Door-to-door serviceto the max!

Everything in one reliable hand Our location at Schiphol, one of the world’s largest airports, allows us to quickly and safely handle your shipments.
We can ship goods from all over Europe fast and cost-effectively, and we can handle and deliver worldwide shipments as a hub.
More than 2000 m2 of Bonded- and non-bonded secured Warehouse is available for this.

This enables us to cross-dock, store, pack and repack your goods and to carry out various other value-added logistics in-house..

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